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Before Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter Chinese Academy of Sciences was established, there were seven institutions of CAS in Fujian Province, namely, the Fuzhou Institute of Technical Physics, the Institute of Applied Chemistry, the Fuzhou Institute of Electronics, the Institute of Rare Metals. In 1961,these institutions were amalgamated into one-the Fujian Institute of Physics and Chemistry. In 1962 it changed its name again to be the East China Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter under the auspices of a new East China Branch CAS, and Fujian 7701 Institute in 1970.In 1973 the institute adopted its present name as FIRSM. Up to date, FIRSM has a total staff member of 504 on its roll, including 117 senior rank research and technical staff members together with 173 medium rank ones. As its subsidiaries, FIRSM now has a State Key Laborator y of Structural Chemistry, CAS and the Crystal Technology Development Inc. (Fujian Castech Crystals Inc.). Furthermore, FIRSM is also one of the institutions officially approved to confer MS and Ph.D. degrees in chemistry and solid state physics as well as to set up a postdoctoral research center with a total of nine tutors for postdoctorates.
 FIRSM focuses itself on the basic research of structure chemistry with emphasis on mutual relationships between crystals, molecular structure and macro-properties-chemical, physical and biophysical properties of new- type compounds as well as appropriate concern with its potential utilization. Taking the direction of metal atomic clusters which belongs to the vanguard field of inorganic chemistry, metal organic chemistry and physical chemistry and also the direction of new technological crystal material, FIRSM has been carring out basic research as well as applied research. In the meantime, proper investigation into crystal structure and molecular structure of bio-molecule including metal enzyme has been carried through. Moreover, in order to meet the requirement of development of national economy, both applied research and development work have been organized in the field of catalysts, new technological crystals as well as in metal corrosion and protection. By organizing research work with multi-fold integ ration of experimental work with theoretical work, chemistry with physics (and other non-chemistry disciplines), structure with property, static methods with dynamic methods, basic research with applied research, the institute has gradually won worldwide recognition in comprehensive research fields.
In 1995 FIRSM ascertained the technological development outline for the "Ninth Five Year" period, putting forward two strategic targets. Availing itself of the technological advantages, FIRSM would further strengthen its staff members of basic research and new technology introduction, and improve the State Key Laboratory of Structural Chemistry. Thereafter the institute would be promoted into one of the research centers on atomic clusters structural chemistry in all over China to make breakthrough and to reach the advanced international levels in aspects of atomic clusters chemistry etc. by the end of the century. In aspects of research on new technology crystal materials, FIRSM would develop into one of the research centers in China on photoelectric cell functioning materials and facilities, while maintaining its advantage in the worldwide field of inorganic non-linear crystal materials.
In 1996 FIRSM has acquired four awards for its scientific research. " Study on Large Size KDP- type crystals with High Qualities "obtained the second award of National Scientific &. Technological Advances. "Dual Wavelength Crystal Laser and High Power 1.34m CW Nd: YAP Laser" won the third award of National Scientific &. Technological Advances. "The Molecule Design of Copper-silver Heterometalic Cluster Compounds" received the first award of the National Science Award from Chinese Academy of Sciences. "Nuclear Spectrum and its Application" gained the third award of National Science Award from CAS. FIRSM in 1996 on the whole published 233 dissertations, including 114 in foreign press. Meanwhile, the Fujian Castech Crystals Inc. has strengthened its production, management and administration with a gain of foreign exchange for 2.59 million US dollars. FIRSM Editorial Office published "Structural Chemistry" in both Chinese and English version. The Second Division of FIRSM, CAS is located in the Dongdu Road, Xiame n, taking up research and development of metal corrosion and protection. 

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