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Established in 1959 and named as Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Research before June 2003, Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics (SINAP) is an institute of comprehensive researches in nuclear science and technology other than power and arms. It has two campuses occupying a total area of 47 hectares, being located in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park and Jiading district respectively. Currently SINAP has 706 employees, including 493 scientists and engineers, 1 academician, 68 professors or equivalents. In addition, it has 333 graduate students (164 PhD and 155 MS programs) and 14 post-doctor programs.
The Institute is engaged in research fields of accelerator science and techniques, advanced photon science, nuclear science and technology and interdisciplinary studies, etc. Shanghai synchrotron radiation facility (SSRF), the biggest scientific project in China, is undertaken by SINAP. It is a high performance 3rd generation synchrotron radiation source and will be a platform for advanced researches in China when it is completed in 2009. There are CAS Key Laboratory of Nuclear Analysis Techniques and Shanghai Key Laboratory of Superconductive Radio-Frequency Cavity Techniques built in the Institute.
Over the years SINAP scientists have made over 600 scientific achievements, 164 of which won awards from the nation, CAS or Shanghai city. Typical examples include the 1.4 m cyclotron on which 202Pt was synthesized as a breakthrough in China in new nuclide synthesis and identification; the first mini cyclotron mass spectroscopy in the world; and 67Ga-labeled citrate, the first radiopharmaceutical in Chinese Pharmacopeias. The SSRF Project is moving on in sound and rapid progress. In the end of 2007, the 3GeV stored beam was achieved in storage ring, and the first synchrotron light was observed at both the front end of BL16B beamline and the synchrotron light diagnostics beamline.
SINAP has always attached great importance to academic exchange and cooperation with international science and technology communities. It has established bilateral cooperation relationship with many major research institutions in synchrotron science (photon science) in the world, such as Diamond of UK, PSI of Switzerland, BESSY-II and Rossendorf of Gemany, ELETTRA and INFN of Italy, Japanese institutions of SPring-8, KEK, JAEA, JSSRR and SSLAC, PLS of South Korea, SSLS of Singapore, Aus Synch of Australia, Institutions of BNL, ANL, LBNL and SLAC in USA, and etc. In addition, SINAP nuclear physicists joined the RICH-STAR Project of international cooperation.
SINAP sponsors and edits academic journals of Nuclear Techniques (in Chinese), Nuclear Science and Techniques (in English), and Radiation Research and Radiation Processing (in Chinese). Shanghai Nuclear Society, Synchrotron Radiation Society under Physics Society of China, and Radiation Research and Radiation Processing Society under Nuclear Society of China, are headquartered at SINAP.
SINAP is striving towards its goal of becoming a world class research center of advanced photon science and a research institution in the world in nuclear science and technology.

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