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The Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IPS-CAS) is a research institution established with the joint efforts by Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Municipality and Institut Pasteur of France. IPS-CAS contributes to the research of mechanisms of major and/or emerging infectious diseases and hence to the seeking of measures of prevention and treatment. Such systematic and innovative research is carried out to meet the strategic need of national public health. Thus, the fundamental research and clinical transfer will be closely bound.
IPS-CAS is determined to accomplish its mission through its academic excellence in frontier fields, strong commitment to education and training, active participation in public health. IPS-CAS combines virology and immunology research on study of pathogen biology and pathogenesis, to develop new diagnosis tools, prevention vaccines and therapy medication for infectious diseases. Meanwhile, IPS-CAS is fostering its own team of talents of virology, immunology and vaccine development with self-innovative capability and of world's competence.  Thus, with its sustainable development, IPS-CAS is promising to be listed in the world's first-class research institutions.

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