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Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences

Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences is a national R&D organization for conducting comprehensive studies on life sciences in China. Founded in July of 1999, it amasses the multi-disciplinary build-up from the eight former biological research institutes under the jurisdiction of the CAS Shanghai Branch and aims at the frontiers of life sciences and biotechnology focusing on human health and biomedical research. By applying cutting-edge science and technologies, SIBS strives to make fundamental, strategic and far-reaching contributions to the health and welfare of the 1.3 billion Chinese people.
As an initiative of CAS' Knowledge Innovation Program, SIBS is formed by re-organizing the eight former CAS institutes, namely, the Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry, Shanghai Institute of Cell Biology, Shanghai Institute of Physiology, Shanghai Brain Research Institute, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology, Shanghai Institute of Entomology and Shanghai Research Center of Biotechnology. The eight CAS institutes boasted a long-time and profound R&D build-up and were noted for their monumental achievements in the history of modern science, such as the world's first synthetic bovine insulin crystal and total synthesis of yeast alanine t-RNA, China's first innovative anti-malaria drug Arteannuin that has been recognized by the international community, and the first success in artificial completion of a toad oocyte's parthenogenesis, etc.. Some of the affiliated institutes have taken the lead in the development of contemporary biotechnology or genetic engineering technologies in the country. Since the establishment in 1999, SIBS has made dramatic progress in both structural reorganization and academic research.
There were four associated units made their way into the embrace of SIBS in the status of whole entities as a result of the organizational restructuring. They were the National Center for Gene Research (CAS), Shanghai Research Center for Life Sciences, Shanghai Laboratory Animal Center (CAS) and Shanghai Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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