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MOF Training Courses were held successfully in FJIRSM

With the financial support of the international cooperation project advocated jointly by the National Bureau of Foreign Experts and the Innovative Team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, MOF Training Courses were held successfully in Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter(FJIRSM) during the period of June 13-18, 2009. A total of more than 80 teachers, postdoctorates and Ph.D and Master Degree candidates from 12 institutions of higher learning including Beijing University, Nanjing University, Jilin University and Sun Yat-Sen University and over 30 researchers and students within FJIRSM took part in the training courses.

Prof. Michael O'Keeffe from Arizona State University, USA, Prof. Xiaodong Zou from Stockholm University, Sweden, and Dr. Charlotte Bonneau from Kyoto University, Japan acted as the main tutors, who systematically threw light on the theoretical knowledge and operation keynotes of relevant softwares about design, syntheses and topological structures of MOF materials.

In the MOF training classes, Prof. Michael O'Keeffe gave the participants a vivid introduction of brief history, structure evolution, network and surface classification, symmetry and the importance of crystal structure disassembly and emphasized on the importance of reticular chemistry. Prof. Xiaodong Zou made speeches on E-crystallography and crystal structure analyses by means of powder X-ray diffraction, and Dr. Charlotte Bonneau showed a fantastic academic world to the participants by means of demonstrating and explaining in detail the operation and application of Systre,Topos,3dt and CrystalMaker softwares.

Through the five-day study in the MOF training classes, the participants not only grasped the basic theory of reticular chemistry but also learned more about how to draw a clear picture of a crystal structure with the help of related softwares. Undoubtedly, the MOF training courses will definitely play an important role in the cultivation of potential talents engaged in MOF researches and upgrading the researches in the relevant fields in China.

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