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Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), formerly known as Shanghai Institute of Metallugy, enjoys high regard in China and abroad.  Its predecessor, the National Research Institute of Engineering, founded in 1928, is China's earliest research institute of engineering.  SIMIT has consistently centered its research activities around the demands of national strategy and economic development.  In 1950s, it concentrated on the study of metal, ceramics and other traditional materials.  As of 1960s, the Institute focused its research directions from steel smelting to new materials such as ultrapure metal, megnet and semiconductor materials, functional materials and devices, as well as integrated circuits, leading to the formation of three reseach areas: microelectronics, functional materials and devices, metal corrosion and protection.  In 1998 when it initiated the CAS Pilot Project of Knowledge Innovation Program (PPKIP), SIMIT redefined its research objectives and emphasized on 'electronic science and technology', 'information and communication engineering'.

Since 1949, the Institute has achieved 46 state awards, 338 awards of ministerial, CAS and municipal levels, and has made important contributions to the national security, economic development and social progress with prominent achievements in metallurgy and ceramics, metal corrision and protection, semiconductor materials and devices, integrated circuits, micro-satellite, information and communication technologies.

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