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Research Progress
Scientists Report a Novel Role of Downregulation of CXCL12 in Mesenchymal Stromal Cells in TGFβ-Promoted Breast Cancer Metastasis [2016-10-16]
Research Result on Direct Production of Lower Olefins from Syngas Published at Nature [2016-10-16]
Super fast lasers that are out of this world [2016-09-29]
Researchers Develop Eu-Activated Dual-Mode Nano-Bioprobes for In-Vitro Tumor Marker Detection [2016-09-18]
Local Institute Realizes Technology Transfer of Its Self-developed New Generation of Solar Cell to Shenzhen Company [2016-09-01]
Researchers Discover Mechanism of YTHDF2-mediated Degradation of m6A-containing RNAs [2016-09-01]
Scientists Develop Fire-resistant Inorganic Paper [2016-08-16]
Revealing the outer reaches of the Milky Way with LAMOST [2016-07-12]
Researchers Develop Copper-catalyzed Arylation with Inexpensive Aryl Chlorides Under Mild Conditions [2016-05-30]
Lending a Hand to Dividing Mammary Stem Cells [2016-05-30]
Scientists Reveal Endocardial Origin of Liver Vasculature [2016-05-17]
Scientists Establish 3D Spatial Transcriptome for Mid-gastrulation Mouse Embryo [2016-04-04]
ER Adaptor SCAP Translocates and Recruits IRF3 to Perinuclear Microsome Induced by Cytosolic Microbial DNAs [2016-03-04]
Scientists Reveal the Correlation Between GPR160 and Prostate Cancer [2016-02-18]
Chinese Scientists Created Monkeys Carrying Autism-Related Gene [2016-01-28]
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